13 Jan

Good Design Helps Sell More Products

Amanda Arendts

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How many times have you been walking through a supermarket and found yourself stopping to check out a new product on the shelf? Why did you stop? More often than not, the good design of the packaging is what caught your eye and grabbed your attention.

Over 70% of American consumers say their purchase decision is based upon the packaging of a product and the way it looks. Having an appealing design is more than a requirement for you and your business. Keep reading to find out why and how good designs help to sell more products.

Great Brand Design

We're talking about the actual, fundamental, foundational design of your brand here. Your logo, your color palette, everything that comes together to create the design of your brand.

A house will not stand the test of time if the foundation upon which it is built is flimsy and weak.

This theory is exactly true for the design of your product packaging too. Good design comes from having a solid brand.

How Good Design Makes a Difference

Up until this point, your products may have done pretty well in the big, wide world. But truth be told, a great design can increase your sales figures, and here's how that works.

1. Design Provokes Emotion

Good design, when done properly, should provoke a reaction from the target audience or the consumer.

What you should be looking for is positive emotional reactions to the design of your brand, your content, and your packaging. How you design each touchpoint contributes to the experience that your customer has and how they feel after it.

Think of how excited you were last time you got a well-wrapped gift?

2. Packaging And Product Design Can Be Inspiring

It's hard to believe that if you're designing the product for a new line of cleaning supplies that you can come up with something inspiring, but the truth is, you can!

Packaging matters whether it's being viewed on a physical shelf in-store or online in an eCommerce store.

Think of how your great design is going to stand out against the rest. Logo placement is important as well as elements that aid in brand recall and recognition. You can opt for things that differentiate products in a line, but the branding should always remain constant.

3. Typography And Fonts Matter

You may be tempted to go with a font that's so unique it catches the eye. But how readable is it? How memorable is it?

Can you easily decipher what your product says and the packaging it comes in?

Your typography can showcase unique elements of your brand, but should always be easy to read.

Always Opt For The Experience

With good design should come a memorable experience.

How you designed your product, things that you say on your product, or even what you decide to do to create a unique package opening experience.

A winning design gets someone to recall the brand in a few days, weeks, or months.

If you're feeling a little stuck on the foundation of your brand, well, we've got you covered with the unparalleled brand and rebrand design, check it out here.

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