Branding + Rebranding

how to develop a company brand

Because branding is so much more than just creating a  logo and identity package, the process of creating or updating your brand can be overwhelming! We help you optimize your branding in order to improve the total perception of your company. When considering your brand it is important to look at both your internal communications, as well as your customer-facing materials to make sure that you are presenting a message and a look that is consistent for everyone. 

building a relevant brand

When looking to update and refresh your brand - sometimes small, strategic changes can make all the difference. Relevancy is key to growth. We've said it before - complacency has no seat at the table in business. Trends and technology are always changing. While remaining true to your values and ethics, Exigent works to optimize your business.

re-branding: building on a strong foundation

SMI Composites expanded its business in 2017. They had a strong foundation but wanted to update their brand to reflect their increased capabilities and growing manufacturing footprint.

growing a brand from scratch

Developing a strong, recognizable brand has become an essential part of marketing and sales strategies regardless of your industry. Strong design, clear values, and transparency are some of the most important factors in consumers' decision-making today. By working with experienced group designers and brand managers you can grow your business and develop a loyal following of customers.

branding for startups

Nova is a small manufacturing company that was started by a team of plastics experts who were completely confident that they could produce quality components but needed some help bringing in a new local business. As a start-up, they were building their brand along with their company, from the ground up. We helped them establish the branding guidelines that created the foundation for the look and feel of their company.

consistency is key

Having a consistent and recognizable brand has a direct impact on sales, recruiting, and employee retention. Because your brand stretches across every part of your business, every part of our business is involved in your branding project. Exigent’s graphic designers and content writers work to provide a unified look and message across all your communications.

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