21 Jul

Cannabis Packaging Design: Exigent Creative Case Study

Amber Koenigsknecht



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Cannabis Industry: A Growing Market

The goal of packaging design for any product is to make a great first impression. Ideally, an impression more favorable than that of its competitors. *Pick me, pick me!*  In the cannabis industry, due to public advertising restrictions, packaging design is all that much more important. If you think about it, a lot of consumer’s initial exposure to cannabis products will happen in-store. Here in Oakland County, dispensaries are popping up like McDonald's! In fact, Michigan is the fifth-largest market for cannabis sales - with a piping hot $1.21 billion in sales. (The Motley Fool, 2020) 

A local printer came to our team at Exigent hoping to tap into that market with a product to show for prospective cannabis clients. Having previously done logo and packaging design for a cannabis client, we knew this would be a great joint partnership. (Yes, the puns are going to keep coming).

Say high to our spec brand, "Kite"

All brands want their product to fly off the shelves - and the cannabis industry is a very competitive market. Dispensaries are creating consumer buying experiences unlike any other retailer. We've heard the experience even compared to that of the Willy Wonka chocolate factory! Our team knew we needed artwork that was up to par with that kind of magic - minus the golden ticket.

During our branding brainstorm, we knew we wanted something that captured that high, floating feeling. Something colorful and euphoric. We've noticed a lot of cannabis brands playing safely within the lines of eco-friendly, minimalistic, and masculine design. Depending on your target, that might work! But our target for this project was women. Did you know that women are using cannabis products more than men, now? (The Cannabis Consumers Coalition, 2019)

"High as a Kite" was the winner for our brand. From there, we had the extreme pleasure of playing with colors, line art, and whimsical imagery that shared that floating feeling. If anything is "flying" off the shelf - it's Kite!

packaging mockup front

Let's be buds!

Modern consumers gravitate towards anything that fits into their new preconceived notion of what is “aesthetic pleasing”. In order to meet those customers' expectations, companies are constantly rebranding and conforming to the high demand for well-designed products. Luckily for all the design agencies, *cough cough Exigent* we’re finally getting our time to shine. We partner with the best local printers and know that your packaging project would be in great hands. Reach out today for a conversation!

packaging mockup back

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