07 Jan

The Importance of Packaging Design

Amanda Arendts

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Over 70% of consumers agree packaging design can influence their buying decisions. If you're neglecting your brand packaging design, you could lose customers. Instead, you can update your packaging design to draw customers in.

An eye-catching, distinctive packaging design can help you stand out from competitors. You can communicate your value, boost sales, and more.

Still not convinced about the importance of packaging design for your business? Here are five ways the best brand packaging can help you grow.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the importance of package design today.

1. Stand Out on the Shelf

Consumers engage with hundreds of brands each week. If your brand packaging design doesn't stand out, people might not notice your products. Instead, you need to differentiate yourself and draw the buyer's attention.

Unique brand packaging can help you stand out on the shelf. Consumers will notice your brand before anyone else's. Once you've grabbed their attention, you can use your packaging to keep their interest.

As people read your packaging to learn more about your product, they might decide your offering is exactly what they're looking for. Then, you can generate more leads and sales.

2. Leverage Emotions

You can also use a unique packaging design to leverage the consumer's emotions.

Consider working with an experienced brand design firm. They can help you develop packaging that appeals to your ideal customer. You can determine what pain points your customers are experiencing.

Then, you can use your packaging to show them you empathize. Consumers will realize you can offer the help they need.

3. Communicate Your Value

To stand out from the competition, you need to communicate your unique value proposition. Otherwise, consumers might not realize you can offer something special. They might not see the benefits of choosing your business.

Understanding the importance of packaging design could help you better communicate your value.

Once consumers realize you can offer what no one else can, they might decide to choose your brand.

4. Boost Recognition

Brand consistency across all platforms could boost sales by 23%. Meanwhile, color can improve brand recognition by 80%. Boosting brand recognition will help you remain top-of-mind.

When a consumer needs your product, they'll remember seeing your unique brand. They might decide to choose your product before any other.

5. Prioritize Practicality

Recognizing the importance of packaging design could lead you to improve your packaging's functionality. For example, perhaps consumers complain about broken products.

Better packaging will protect the product before it reaches consumers.

You can also follow packaging trends, such as eco-friendly packaging materials, to appeal to certain customers.

You can then make sure your product looks great and works well, too.

Stronger Sales: Understanding the Importance of Brand Packaging Design

Understanding the importance of package design can help you upgrade your current designs. With a better brand packaging design, you can stand out and draw customers in. Then, you can boost sales to improve your ROI.

Keep these benefits of better design in mind and consider upgrading your packaging this year.

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