24 May

Behind the Screen with Amanda: Meet Exigent’s Digital Content Manager

Amanda Arendts

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Amanda Arendts here! I am Exigent's Digital Content Manager. Aka, the one behind the scenes of everything you see online. To clarify, Amber is the frontend (graphic design) and I'm the backend (digital strategy). We get along pretty well I'd say...at least in the office. HA kidding, read Amber's blog after and you'll get the joke.

Dancing into the Digital World

First off, I never imagined myself as a creative person, but here I am working for Exigent Creative Solutions. Who would have thought?

Growing up I was a competitive dancer with Hollywood on my mind at all times. With 20 years in the industry I had zero intentions of doing anything, but dance.

Once I got to college I started out majoring in exercise science. Typical dancer brain of me, let's do something active and physically draining. Took one anatomy class and that was it for me.  Once that ship sailed I decided to pursue a degree in communications, still unsure of where it would take me. The first class required public speaking - instant regret. A few classes in I realized, "hmm I may be good at this". I found a way to use my stage presence in speaking instead of dancing. At this point, I took a liking to social media and design. During my internship in college, I began designing graphics for the company I was working with while assisting in planning their corporate events (including some promo materials - check it out).

After four years at Central Michigan University, I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a Minor in Event Management.

And a 5,6,7,8: Time To Create

At Exigent, I started as the social media manager for all of our clients. Along with developing content, running ad campaigns, digesting analytics, and so on. High school Amanda would be SO proud. All considering, I get paid to look at numbers all day when I dreaded math class. But, don't ask me to do an algebra problem - that's still not gonna happen.

Recently, I've added website development/management to my daily tasks. Expanding those skills into taking on multiple website projects. I've definitely found my niche in the digital world.

The opportunities have been endless for me at Exigent. Within the past two years, I've been able to grow my role into areas I never imagined working in. That's the beauty of Exigent. It's not just a job for us employees or a typical agency for our clients. It's a vessel for growth for everyone involved.

Digital Content Manager

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