Graphic Design

consistency is key

Investing in good design is no longer just important to your brand, it is expected. Exigent’s services help you portray a consistent look, message, and voice across all consumer and employee touchpoints.

graphic design services

Graphic design is no longer the “cherry on top” of your marketing – it is an essential part of your overall marketing strategy. Our in-house designers understand your brand identity and create visually cohesive content for both print and digital pieces. First impressions are everything – and we aim to make them lasting.

  • print products
  • newsletters
  • sales team support
  • social media graphics
  • social media ads

bringing unity through design

CLAW logistics needed to create a sense of unity throughout their company that encompassed the individual business segments and locations. One of the tools we provided to support this unification was a new logo that would be used across the whole organization.

logo design services

Your brand is more than just your logo, your logo holds a lot of power over your brand. We take pride in helping businesses find their true identity and sharing them with their consumers.

  • brand consultations
  • logo design
  • logo redesign

packaging design for a new product

Wanderlust Farmz wanted to develop a unique look and feel for a new product line they were launching within their existing brand. We worked with them to create a packaging design that allowed them to showcase a distinctive new line that clearly fit into their established brand.