10 May

Content Development: A Cocktail of Words and Design – Meet Amber

Amber Koenigsknecht

Employee Spotlight


My name is Amber Koenigsknecht (Ken-ish-neck-t) and I am the Content Development Manager here at Exigent Creative Solutions, with a focus on graphic design. My job is simply to make things look good, sound good, and do good. Now, that’s not precisely what’s on the job description but it’s the elevator pitch I give to spark the people’s interest. Moreover, a tactic to distinguish me from the web development services we offer that is not my expertise. (Plug: See Amanda for your web inquiries). 

A content cocktail, if you will

Content Cocktail recipe: 1 part literature, 1 part graphic design, and a splash of wit. Best served chilled with a sugar rim and lemon wedge.

All my life I have been an aficionado of words. Also, an avid Googler of large words like aficionado*. I was always reading, writing stories, and journaling from an age so young I couldn’t even spell “Dear diary” correctly. It wasn’t until a graphic design class in high school that these words ever left the paper. 

Learning how to visually communicate information was momentous to me. I realized that everything around us is a piece of art. From the directional road signs along the highway to the packaging of my favorite cereal. I came to believe that design, no matter where it is, should be thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing. Of course, the influence and importance of good design only became more apparent as my generation was consumed by social media. In a world of 140 characters and 4x4 squares, I found another outlet for my creativity. From the witty tweets I too often shared on Twitter to the iPhone wallpapers I designed and shared on Instagram, it was obvious I had a knack for this. To this day, I still get texts from friends asking me to caption their Instagram photos - who knew one day I'd be getting paid to do just that!

In college, I studied Advertising and Multimedia Design - a perfect cocktail combining my love for words and design. Upon graduation, I was lucky enough to slip right into the career I was built for, where I am now at Exigent exercising these passions daily. Whether it's a simple corporate flyer or business card for "Gossip Girl", no two days are the same. To me, that's precisely the beauty of being a designer. 

*Aficionado - a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime

Closer than coworkers

It’s near impossible to talk about my role here at Exigent without mentioning my coworker, Amanda. Not only do I credit her for getting me this job, but as one of the many reasons I so enjoy staying. I know they recommend keeping your work and personal lives separate but for us two, those lines don’t even exist. Amanda and I have been roommates since 2018, coworkers since 2019, and hoping to get separate leases in 2022 (LOL). On a serious note, we have found a really great balance together. Leaning on each other's strengths at work, being a cheerleader when the other feels like a bench warmer, and sharing Sauvignon Blanc at home. It’s not often that you can find a friend you trust with both your career and Netflix account...I’m sorry, I said we were staying serious, didn’t I? 

We are a small group here at Exigent, but we are efficient and invested. It is a privilege to know that what I have to offer is valued, and what I have to learn is met with encouragement. Interested in learning more about the graphic design services we have to offer? Send us a message! We keep our social media updated weekly and would love for you to follow along.

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