14 Sep

EXtra Credit #2: Packaging Design

Amanda Arendts

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If the packaging isn’t eye-catching, who’s buying it? Let's be honest, we all judge a book by its cover and that goes for products and packaging as well. If you’re already judging the box, you’re definitely questioning the quality of the product too. Am I right? 

In this day and age, we gravitate towards anything that fits into our new preconceived notion of what is “aesthetic pleasing” - I’m sure you’ve heard of it. In order to meet customers' expectations, companies are constantly rebranding and conforming to the high demand for well-designed products. Luckily for all the design agencies, i.e Exigent, we’re finally getting our time to shine. 

While Exigent offers your traditional graphic design services, our team's capabilities don't end there. We’ve got it all, all the way down to package design. Here’s another EXtra Credit lesson we used to get our future jobs done right!

EXtra Credit #2: Packaging Design

Before taking on our first packaging design project, we wanted to test out the waters. See what we were capable of. Therefore, our in-house designers choose to create a conceptual brand and packaging design for a cannabis company. As the legalization of marijuana continues to stretch across the country, cannabis companies are popping up all over. Not only is the industry growing, but their branding is also too, with THE latest trends in design.

The objective of this project was to think about the wide range of cannabis products and create a cohesive packaging design that could deliver eye-catching branding across the entire product line.

From zip lock bags and neon stickers to jars with crazy holographic logos (usually resulting in a headache), cannabis packaging has come a long way. The trends have begun to evolve into more sophisticated, environmentally friendly, and premium branding styles. We did our research comparing standout brands, getting some help from pinterest, and understood that less is definitely more in the premium cannabis industry.

Style Guide & Inspo

When creating our conceptual company, "Green Leaf", we went for a more premium brand than your typical cannabis brand. Something simple yet strong at the same time. Using natural and neutral colors, a clean font, and an elegant logo to pull together an exclusive look.

Like I've said, the packaging is everything to your customers. Even down to the touch of the box. Therefore, Softtouch - one of our personal favorites, was the paper choice for this brand's packaging.

You'd be surprised how much the paper choice matters when creating the final packaging. I won't go into too much detail, but if you're curious we've covered it all in this blog

The Final Product 

And there ya have it! Our first (and definitely not last) packaging project is done. We pulled together a few different products to really get a feel for what our conceptual "Green Leaf" brand would look like. 

So, if you're looking to revamp your latest product packaging or even the overall brand, let's talk! Contact us today!

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