Our Work

success stories

re-branding: building on a strong foundation

SMI Composites expanded its business in 2017 so Exigent updated its brand to reflect its increased capabilities and growing manufacturing footprint.

building a brand from scratch

Nova Stenvsville got its start when it bought out the assets of a struggling manufacturing company. While the management team was experts in manufacturing - they needed help with designing the brand to go with their new company.

packaging design for a new product

Wanderlust Farmz wanted to develop a unique look and feel for a new product line they were launching within their existing brand. We worked with them to create a packaging design that was distinctive yet clearly fit into their established brand.

logo design to bring unity

CLAW logistics needed to create a sense of unity throughout their company that encompassed the individual business segments and locations. One of the tools we provided to support this unification was a new logo that would be used across the whole organization.

membership communications

The Wyndgate Country Club was looking to develop a website that would meet their communications needs for their membership and work as a marketing tool for new members. We were able to develop a dual communications plan to serve both audiences.

digital strategy for business growth

FLEX Building Systems has a diverse product line but needed a uniform message. We work with them to develop structured content calendars and a wide range of branded content to share their messaging across their digital presence.

building an online presence

Alpha to Omega Properties was looking for a way to share its design and building projects with a wider audience. Through website design, social media management, and digital advertising we were able to do just that.

corporate communications

Mayco International has a wide range of communications needs ranging from sales and marketing materials to employee newsletters. We have worked with them to develop a consistent style, voice, and tone across all their corporate communications.

modernizing the website

Deluxe Technologies has been designing and prototyping for decades - it was time for them to update their website to speak to those capabilities.