02 Jul

Behind the Build: How We Created a Custom Website

Caralyn Tignanelli

Website Design



If Exigent was a home, it would have a lot of white marble. 

As I was thinking about how a website fits into the overall identity package of a brand, I couldn’t get away from the imagery of a home. If your brand is represented by a building, the website would be the formal foyer. It is the entryway, the place where we meet and shake hands, where we invite you to come in and get to know us better. 

Understand the weight of that first impression - I wanted Exigent’s website to draw you in, to be visually exciting, yet welcoming and familiar. 

A website is where you get to know a brand. It was imperative that at first look, visitors to our home domain knew that Exigent was unique. Convincing me to follow a template when designing our website was never really an option. I wanted to be sure that we stood out from other marketing and branding agencies. With the help of some talented back end developers, we built our website from scratch. 

I chose red because it is a color that makes a statement.  Exigent IS a bold statement. The definition essentially means, “to demand excellence”. To uphold our company name, the team at Exigent is making a promise to deliver the best. Maybe you have been told once or twice that you’re so “extra” - well, we at Exigent don’t see a problem with that! 

Besides my life-long goal of moving to Switzerland, the repetition of mountains throughout the website has a few influences. For one, it reiterates our goal of elevating your brand. Exigent partners with our clients to take their marketing and communications efforts to the next level. Like the cable car that carries you thousands of feet up to the summits of the alps, we can always use a boost up. Mountains are also a symbol of strength from the ground up - a huge inspiration for our startup. 

Our team at Exigent has a holistic approach to marketing. We are a team of 4 so we work together intimately. Working on this website was no exception to that. Understanding my vision for the website, our designers put the image in my head onto the computer screen.

From a user experience, it was important that the website was striking, but not foreign. Familiar, but still nothing you’ve ever seen before. In order to achieve this, we had to make some compromises from the original website design concept. An experienced web developer is essential throughout the website design process. Their expert advice on creating a user-friendly experience, and designing a site that could be optimized for any screen size, was invaluable to us in the house design team. 

Launching Exigent’s website feels like finally having that house-warming party. If you like what you see, it’s important to know that website design isn’t our only service. See what else we can do for you!  


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