Who We Are

we are teammates

We know that it doesn’t make sense for every company to create an in-house marketing department. With Exigent as your partner, you get the efficiency and loyalty of an in-house team without the inconvenience of a middleman. We are your account executives, creatives, copywriters, and strategists. We are an extension of your team.

we are versatile

We wear MANY hats. Although a team of four, we have the capabilities to do the work of a traditionally large agency. With management and creatives at your fingertips, Exigent specializes in total project management. From ideation to development, to completion - we are a multifaceted powerhouse.

we are creative

Exigent has found that the old way isn't always the best way. Whether your audience is potential customers or current employees, the art of communication - design included - is essential for growth. Complacency has no seat at our table - we are creatives.


approach to branding


At Exigent, we have a holistic approach to communications. We believe that all aspects of your business are intimately connected to one another. Now more than ever, it is not only important but expected that you portray a consistent message, voice, and look across all consumer touchpoints. Our team infiltrates every part of your brand identity to reiterate that connection from the inside, and out. 

Our approach isn’t for everyone. We partner with brands that are eager and dedicated to evolving their business. Growth doesn’t happen overnight – Exigent is your partner for the long haul.