18 Jul

Facebook Ads Strategy 2022: Powerful Tips for Small Businesses to Try

Amanda Arendts

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Out of all advertising channels, Facebook offers the highest return on investment.

So if your Facebook ads aren't getting the responses you want, it's time to reconfigure your Facebook ads strategy.

What are some of these great Facebook ad strategies? What specific impact does each of these strategies make?

Keep reading to learn more.

Targeted Advertising

Mass advertising shows ads to a large number of people at once. But targeted advertising is most practical and effective for most businesses.

This is especially true for small businesses with already limited funds. They can't afford to waste money on risky Facebook advertising strategy tactics. It's best to target advertisements toward their target audience.

Brands conduct target audience research by examining their own customer base. Then, the research market and industry trends. This data will tell them who is and isn't their consumer base.

The target audience of a brand is more likely to use its products/services than other groups of consumers. This may be because of their age group, gender, or dietary preferences.

Custom Audiences

Facebook's Custom Audiences lets businesses find customers that have already engaged with them. They can then compile this information into existing customer lists.

Afterward, businesses can use Lookalike Audiences to find customers whose purchasing interests resemble their "custom audiences'". That way, they tap into a whole new group of potential loyal consumers. This benefit is vital considering the impact loyal customers have on a brand's revenue.

Use Video

On average, Internet users are inundated with thousands of ads a day. It's difficult to hold people's attention with digital ads. However, using video can provoke more initial interest in an advertisement.

Well-produced video advertisements professionalize brands. Not only that but models and representatives humanize businesses, especially if the subject of the video has a great camera presence.

Facebook Offers

Discount offers are great tools for enticing people's attention. Businesses can take advantage of this by advertising discounts through Facebook Offers.

The feature doesn't simply advertise the discount. It also includes a "Get Offer" button that encourages viewers to claim the offer. Facebook Offers will show businesses both the amount of claimed offers and people that only clicked on the offer.

Right-Hand Column Ads

As mentioned before, Facebook users are overwhelmed with ads every day. That's why businesses should advertise through the right-hand column slot on Facebook pages.

Other ads can be scrolled past. But ads on the right-hand column stay in place even while users scroll. This way, audiences have more time to notice and engage with the advertisement.

Improve Your Business's Facebook Ads Strategy

Marketing campaigns should give more than they take. So if your business is struggling to gain traction on Facebook, try these effective Facebook Ads Strategy tactics.

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