27 Sep

Save Time, Money, Paper: New Ways to Share Your Business Card

Amber Koenigsknecht

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Alternative ways to share your business card

Sharing your business card with prospective clients is basically an elevator pitch - a short expression of who you are and what you do. I know, handing over a business card feels a lot less stressful (and involves less nervous sweating) than an on-the-spot pitch. Still, the presentation of your business card should not be overlooked. Below, our team put together a few alternatives to the traditional business card for those looking for ideas to save time, save money, or simply save paper. 

But First, the Importance of a Business Card

We’ve said it before and will say it again: business cards are not going out of style. If anything, business cards are finally getting their time to shine! Graphic designers are proving to have a heyday with the new trends: bright colors, exotic typography, unique shapes and sizes. This article from 99 Designs might finally inspire you to upgrade your stuffy corporate card. (Nudge, nudge: Our creative team at Exigent can definitely help you out with that). That being said:

  • Business cards are a professional gesture and great opportunity to further a potential connection
  • Business cards give recipients a chance to learn more about you and your company
  • A well designed card establishes credibility and inspires interest
  • In a cluttered digital world, leave your clients with something tangible

Create a Professional Contact

Why not take advantage of something we all have at our fingertips? We've all got a "Contacts" app on our smartphones. In the case that you don't have a business card on hand, you should have a backup plan, like swapping numbers. You might wonder, "How do I offer someone my phone number without sounding unprofessional?" Well, having a "business casual" contact made for yourself is an easy way to pass over your number, email, social profiles, and even a short blurb about yourself! It may even be worth adding your company's street address. We have seen an overwhelming amount of great responses using this technique! 

business casual contact

The Comeback of the QR Code

Before the COVID pandemic, you would have probably hesitated when confronted with a QR code. Uhh..do I need an app for this? But after making a surprising reappearance at restaurants this past year, we’ve seen business professionals making use of QR codes, as well! Link it straight to your company website or target a specific social media profile. Rather than hoping they’ll read that 6 point font and search for your website, putting a code on your business card makes it much easier for recipients to find you. We’ve also seen clients using QR codes to link to Google surveys, employment applications, and Facebook Events. The possibilities are endless!

QR Business Card

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No - it's a Dot!

As your business evolves, you should too! Our team has never seen anything quite like Dot - a seamless way to share contact information from one smartphone to another. Similar to a QR code, just a simple scan will do the job here. Dot is a one-time purchase and no, the recipient is not required to have one. The real perk of buying a Dot, though, is sharing a LinkedIn-looking profile with quick links to any social profile, website, or email of your choice. It’s like a landing page! Dot also offers a physical business card, although it’s nothing but a solid color and QR code. Dot simply sticks on to the back of any phone case, or there is a slim option that sticks underneath one. Check it out!

Dot business card

Although these alternative business card options are innovative and convenient, there's nothing quite as professional as having the real thing. Like a new parent with extra diapers, you should always keep a business card on hand in case of an emergency. If you're looking to update your company's cards - contact our design team today!

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