19 Apr

6 Tips: Investing in Print Materials and Good Graphic Design

Amber Koenigsknecht

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invest in print and good graphic design

Why it's worth it to invest in print

There are so many ways to market your company’s services. So many options, in fact, that it can be overwhelming when deciding what to put your effort towards. Direct mail? Paid ads? Social media? Making the right choice will heavily depend on what your team’s end goal is. Our team had a digital presence already established - we were looking for something physical with a shelf life longer than 15 seconds. If you’re looking to create something with longevity and flexibility, print pieces are necessary to have in your brand's toolbox.  

Print materials are great because of:

  • Tangibility. Print materials give customers something ~to have and to hold~ rather than just another piece of content to scroll through. 
  • Longevity. Print materials can be virtually timeless if they are designed well. 
  • Flexibility. Mail it out, hand it out, keep it out on display - the possibilities are endless. 

print materials

6 tips to create a great print piece

When creating a print piece like a brochure, for example, be sure to keep the importance and the influence of design in mind. Like a website or business card, every consumer touchpoint should be a reflection of your identity. 

Re: Brand Identity -  the visual and moral decisions your company makes when branding and presenting itself to the public.

Basically, the power is in your hands. Choosing to invest in good design means investing in good business. By now, it is widely expected that brands have it together when it comes to their appearance. We know, that's a lot of pressure! By using a signature color and design style you can increase brand recognition by 80%. Our team here at Exigent has created our fair share of marketing materials -  and yes, we're even willing to share our advice with you. 

  • First, reflect on your identity guide for colors and font choices
  • Look online for inspiration regarding size, layout, and graphic elements (we love looking at artist's work on here!
  • Create an outline of what content is the most important to include (services, team members, history, etc)
  • Don’t overwhelm the document with too much information - keep it simple. People don’t pay attention for much more than 15 seconds
  • Pick your paper thoughtfully
  • Share your creation with both potential and existing clients

print material and design

Our team recently designed a booklet of our own. Exigent’s style is bold yet palatable. The white space and fine lines allow our statement red to shine. You’ll notice that we took a lot of inspiration from our website in creating the booklet - this was more than intentional! Consistency in the presentation of your brand (across all mediums) has the ability to increase revenue by upwards of 33%. 

If design isn't totally in your wheelhouse, our team has the capabilities to walk you through the entire process. From initial ideation to completion, Exigent Creative has a solution for you! Contact us today on any of our social media pages (@exigentcreative), or directly through our website!

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