30 Jul

EXtra Credit Work #1: Wedding Planning App

Amber Koenigsknecht

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Spec work, or speculative work, is useful for agencies to keep in their back pocket - it’s volunteer work that may not pay literally, but it pays in showcasing your talents to potential clients. We’ve said it before and we aren’t ashamed to admit it again: our team is a little extra. This new segment of our blog, EXtra Credit Work, will be featured once a month. In order to keep our skills fresh and minds sharp, our employees are taking on the challenge of adding a little more to their plates. (When it’s cheesy potatoes, that’s easy. When it's extra work, it’s a juggling act). 

At Exigent, the design is just one of our many services - whether, for a website, rebrand, or social media efforts, we’ve got you! 

EXtra Credit Work #1: Wedding Planning App

So, wedding season is upon us! Although the recent pandemic has caused more plans to change than a bad weather report - something about the summertime causes my Pinterest board to overflow with wedding ideas. (Do NOT show my boyfriend...yet). 

extra credit work

The idea behind this app development was to make the communication between bridal parties and guests as easy as the backward toss of the bouquet (that’s where the brand name comes in). Like all the desperate singles in the house - you’re going to WANT this. 

I’m not a huge fan of apps - if it doesn’t serve me, it doesn’t stay long on my home screen. User experience might be one of the most important features to nail down when creating an app. Appearance, navigation, and simplicity are key factors in making an app usable. For this design, I chose to keep it straightforward. The target audience is fairly broad - anyone with a cell phone who may be invited to a wedding - so the simpler, the better. 

The colors for this logo were inspired by Instagram's most photo-worthy bouquets. A search for “wedding flowers” on Pinterest brought up a sea of baby pink and sage. Gradients are all the rave right now, and I’m guilty of hopping on that graphic design bandwagon. I chose to contrast the logo's whimsical font with a clean sans serif. 

Again, this app development was done purely for fun, you’re not going to find this in the app store. Therefore, as a creative, it’s important to exercise your skills and regularly challenge yourself! If this was done on a whim, just imagine what a partnership with Exigent Creative Solutions would produce for you! So, get in contact with our team today.

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