19 Nov

EXtra Credit Project #4: Christmas Card Designs

Amber Koenigsknecht



Christmas Card Designs

For this EXtra Credit project our design team happily put our Santa hats on because, like the matching pajama’s your mom still makes you wear, Christmas cards will never go out of style. 

Before there was a “reply all” button on our emails, Sir Henry Cole of London was the first man looking for a way to respond to his many (unopened) letters. In 1843, Sir Henry had the original idea of the Christmas card. Once brought to the United States in 1873, the doors quite literally opened to this tradition. Joyce Clyde Hall founded Hallmark in 1910 - an iconic empire that sells much more than greeting cards and Vera Bradley. 

The Quarantine Christmas Card

As sad as it is, a Christmas card may be the only way that family is seeing your face this holiday season. Many greeting card companies are nodding to the pandemic as light-heartedly as possible. “Happy Holidays from our Quaranteam” and “Good Riddance 2020” are examples of options alongside the traditional “Merry and Bright” designs. In our opinion, we’re all for it. Honesty IS the best policy - and this year is going on the naughty list. 

Quarantine Christmas Card

The Card Your Husband Had No Part Of

Your husband already shuffled his feet through the family Christmas pictures - there’s no WAY he wants to help with the card, too. This pretty and pink Christmas card design was inspired by our favorite site for inspiration - Pinterest. A simple search of “Christmas card designs” proves that it is out with the old and in with the new. Artists are playing with colors outside of red and green *GASP*. We’re also seeing designs that range from minimalistic, whimsical, and vintage to downright silly. Besides, we could all use a laugh after this past year. 

Whimsical Christmas Card

The E-Card

You might be wondering, are people really sending cards out still? If it’s not your style - no biggie! Many families and companies are wishing their followers well with a simple e-card. Websites like Canva.com make it so easy, an elf could do it. (Are you picturing an elf on an iPad like I am?)

E Card Christmas Card

The Simple Christmas Card 

Signed, sealed, delivered! A simpler Christmas card definitely saves you time and money.  This beautiful card can stay on your fridge and may even be mistaken for ~decor~. If you're fighting for a spot on the nice list, a handwritten note inside just might put you over the edge. 

Simple Christmas Card

Share more than a post, share a Christmas card! 

With social media keeping us updated on friends and family without the cost of a stamp, the use of “snail mail” has definitely declined. Still, over 1.6 billion Christmas cards are sent every year. Sending one is profoundly simple. You can make your own on a site like Shutterfly, order something handmade from an Etsy seller, or grab one from your local pharmacy. 

Everyone enjoys seeing an envelope with their name scribbled across it! Today, you don’t need a family portrait or lengthy recipient list to wish your friends and family well for the holidays. You can keep it simple and still make it sentimental. At Exigent, we've got  A LOT of holiday cheer. Our design team enjoyed putting together these Christmas card designs - but there's more where that came from! Check out our entire portfolio of design work here


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