19 Oct

EXtra Credit #3: Standing Out in a Saturated Market

Amber Koenigsknecht

Branding, Design, Marketing


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 For this EXtra Credit Project, I thought I would try to get my foot in the door of a very saturated market: mattresses. I thoughtfully created a new brand with the hope of it holding some preference over existing companies. The goal is to prove the importance of a good logo, more specifically, how it plays into a buyer's favorability and purchasing decision. 

A Bad Logo is a No-Go 

A logo is oftentimes the first thing that a consumer sees about your brand. At this point, it is naive to think that consumers aren’t “judging books by their covers”. Companies with good design practices proved to have a 32% higher revenue growth than competitors. Another sweeping number: 55% of consumers are making their judgment of your brand in less than 15 seconds. So if you’re wondering - can a logo really make or break a sale? - the answer is YES.

Standing Out in a Saturated Market

In the past few months (re: pandemic and stay-at-home-order) I have been getting A LOT of advertisements for mattresses. As if I wasn’t spending enough time in my bed. Besides a couple of influencers I’ve seen rolling a king-sized bed out of a cradle sized box, I wasn’t aware of how many mattress brands there were. 

In a saturated market like such, you want your brand to be a part of that stand-out 32%. The group that puts time and effort into their design and reaps the benefits. While researching the mass of mattress brands, I looked for that group. I compared their logos, stalked their social, read reviews, and judged their websites. As a Millennial / Gen Z consumer, this is the process of almost all my purchasing decisions. *Makes note*

So, I decided to turn my research into this month’s EXtra Credit Project. I gave myself the challenge of creating a brand that would be an avid competitor in the mattress market. It may be crowded, but like the queen bed in your college apartment, you make room.

Testing the Waters (and the "Consumers") 

For this pretend brand, my priority laid (pun intended) with the logo. I challenged myself to truly prove that a logo CAN make or break a sale. For some hard evidence, I thought it would be fun to put my logo to the test. Without context, I asked my coworkers for their opinions and first impressions.  

Firm Believer was the brand name I chose. I thought it was quirky but convincing. I asked my coworkers what they thought about it:

  • It makes me think of a good decision
  • It makes me think about not changing your mind
  • It sounds passionate
  • It reminds me of a lifestyle brand
  • It sounds like a mattress brand (Bingo!!) 

Choosing a color was a challenge. 57% of brands use blue - along with almost every mattress competitor I was looking at. Since blue resonates with feelings of comfort and ease, it would have been a no-brainer to choose. But to stand out, I chose green. It went over surprisingly well: 

  • It's simple, not too harsh or too loud
  • It’s a comfortable green to look at
  • It balances out the name. Firm Believer but a soft green 
  • It makes me think of eco-friendly
  • It makes me think of health  

The font you choose for your brand is an art in itself. Typography has the power to establish a mood right away. Serif’s, like Times New Roman, are commonly thought to be professional and corporate. A script font, like Pacifico, is whimsical and easy-going. Considering my brand name is Firm Believer, I chose a bold sans-serif font. 

  • It’s gender-neutral for sure
  • It’s strong
  • It’s very sleek and clean
  • It isn’t anything too distracting
  • I like that there is no dot on the I’s 


The Competitor Brand

The feedback from my coworkers was positive! With just a quick look at the logo, they easily registered the brand's values and purpose. In contrast, what follows are their opinions on a very famous mattress brand, Tempur-Pedic. 

  • It makes me think of old people 
  • It’s an old brand, definitely needs a refresh
  • The design is so outdated 
  • I can’t believe they haven’t removed the sleeping person yet 
  • It looks more like a medical brand than a mattress brand
  • I don’t like the blue and green color combination

The Better Brand

When asked which brand they would prefer to shop with, my coworkers chose Firm Believer. Of course, if purchasing a mattress, there would be more research to follow in that buying process. If a consumer can't stand your logo, the chances are slim they'll be visiting your website. Like we've said before, a logo is often the first thing consumers see about your brand. My goal of proving how important that first impression is was met. At Exigent, we are eager to take a look at your existing branding. Whether you need to freshen things up or start from scratch - contact our design team today!

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