07 Jul

Deciding to Hire a Marketing and Communications Agency

Amber Koenigsknecht

Communications, Marketing


If you’ve made it here, odds are that you’ve thought about bringing in a marketing agency to help your business. Reasons are unique to every company, but we may have a few guesses: One - you’ve been asked a few too many times, “What’s your company’s social media handle”? Two - your sales team is still handing out brochures from 2008. Three -  your employees are overwhelming HR with questions that you’re certain are in the handbook... although, you don’t blame them for losing it in the midst of onboarding. *hand raises* “Can I find this online”? 

Whatever your needs may be, outsourcing your marketing and communications needs can be an excellent alternative to creating a team in-house. 

Abbie From Sales, can’t you post this on social media...or something?

It’s commonly misunderstood that anyone can “do” the job of marketing and communications. Being the umbrella term that it is, few realize just what “communications” entails. Communications strategies can apply to both consumer and employee touchpoints. From onboarding material and monthly newsletters to social media campaigns. Not only does it cover internal matters such as company-wide department support (which can mean...literally anything), but it covers necessary marketing and branding to get your company the exposure and business your goals require.

Sure, creating a marketing department in-house CAN be done - but at a price.

According to Payscale.com a marketer’s salary, depending on years of experience, ranges from $48k-$87k while a Director comes in at upwards of $120k. Unless you have a one-man band, you’ll need to hire on a team of employees to create your department. You can do the math there (that really isn’t our specialty). On the contrary, agencies usually offer a couple of payment options to get the most of your money. A marketing agency won’t pitch you that “one size fits all”. Since agencies have talent in multiple services, you typically have the power to pick and choose what your company is looking to pay for. Finding an agency that offers you a tailor-made services package is key to avoid overspending and under compensating. 

Have you ever had the internal debate of “buy once” or “subscribe and save”? Although a bigger commitment than your favorite Amazon coffee, a similar choice is made when hiring a marketing agency. There are two ways to outsource - on a project-by-project basis or on a retainer. Are your teeth hurting? No worries - a retainer is a contract that promises work between an agency and client for a specified period of time, typically long-term. On the other hand, working project by project is exactly what it sounds like - paying for one assignment, one agency at a time. If you’re someone who looks forward to seeing the same Amazon driver when your package is out for delivery - consider working on retainer. 

You’re telling me one marketing agency can meet all of my company’s needs?

Finding an agency that meshes with your team is vital. The goal is to create a relationship as seamless as if they were in the cubicle next door, except, you don’t have to smell their lunch every day. The right agency will know your brand, your workflow, and your goals. The more you work together, the more they become an extension of your team. Like a new fridge in the break room - everyone’s going to take advantage of this new technology! A truly talented marketing and communications agency can cater to all departments of your company. 

Sounds like something I could invest in - what’s the next step?

Considering outsourcing to a marketing agency is a big decision - the process is similar to bringing on any new employee. It’s important to hire a team that understands your goals and provides you with deliverables. Numbers aside, you also want to hire an agency that represents your brand and caters to your workflow. Yes, you’re still the boss! 

Without an in-house department that’s dedicated to your communication needs, your company's progress may be lying dormant. Exigent Creative Solutions is a team of marketers and designers eager to enhance your brand. Reach out and let’s talk!

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