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Custom Wedding Stationery: Tips Before You Print

Amber Koenigsknecht



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All photo credit to Kari Dawson. See her work here! 

I Designed My Own Wedding Stationery!

If you follow Exigent Creative you might have noticed that I have a deep and abiding love of all things paper and stationery. So, when I got engaged last fall and started to review Zola’s extensive wedding planning checklist, I naturally gravitated towards things like “start looking at invitation designs.” 

Whether you plan to customize a pre-designed wedding invitation from a retailer like Paper Source or create your design from scratch as I did, here are some tips to keep in mind as you create your wedding stationery suite. 

First Tip: Make sure you are settled on your wedding theme 

When you are planning your wedding it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the choices! Before you start looking at inspiration, take some time to nail down the general theme of your wedding. That could be an elaborate theme like this Harry Potter-inspired occasion or significantly more generic, like elegant with a modern flare. 

wedding welcome sign

Decide on the level of formality 

This goes hand in hand with choosing your theme but it’s still worth noting. Wedding invitations and stationery design can vary based on the level of formality of your event. The style of invitation helps to clue in your guests on what kind of wedding they can expect to be attending. For example, if you are throwing a barn wedding on Sunday afternoon it might not be appropriate to send an elaborately engraved invitation with gold embellishments. 

Make a list of wedding stationery items 

If you are having a more formal wedding or perhaps a destination wedding, you might have more to include in your stationery than just a single card invitation. There is also a broader list of wedding stationery to think about. Here is a pretty extensive list of possibilities: 

  1. Engagement announcements 
  2. Save the Dates 
  3. Rehearsal Dinner Invitations 
  4. Wedding Invitations 
    1. Invitation card 
    2. Reception card 
    3. Details Card - hotel information, wedding website, etc. 
    4. RSVP card and envelope 
    5. Map 
  5. Welcome sign 
  6. Ceremony Programs 
  7. Table Numbers 
  8. Escort cards (Guest and Table #) 
  9. Food & Drink Menu
  10. Coasters and/or cocktail napkins 
  11. Favor tags or gift bags 
  12. Thank you cards

Marth Stewart’s wedding website has excellent resources on how to decide what you need to send and who you should be sending it to. wedding menu

Creating a theme for all your wedding stationery

Now that you have an idea of what you want your wedding to look like, how formal you want it to be, and what pieces of stationery you are going to need, it’s time for the fun stuff! When I started designing our wedding invitations and stationery set, I knew I wanted to use a monogram. That monogram became the centerpiece of the wedding design. 

If you are using an existing stationery design, make sure the set comes with templates for all the stationery pieces that you need. If you are designing your own, choose the colors, fonts, and design elements that you will use throughout all of your printed materials for your wedding. 

Don’t forget about envelopes! 

It is so exciting to get your box of save-the-dates and invitations. You look into the box and see 112 perfectly printed pieces and then you realize… I have to address 112 envelopes…. It is daunting and time-consuming. Mistakes may be made - before you know it Great Aunt Ruth did not get her invitation! When you are ordering anything that needs to be mailed, splurge on the printed envelopes. It is SO worth it! 

Check-in with the post office 

Speaking of sending things in the mail, the last thing you want is to have your invitations returned to you due to incorrect postage. Square envelopes, invitations with multiple cards and envelopes, or anything sealed with a wax seal needs additional postage and could require hand canceling. Take the time to check in with your post office and make sure your stationery gets to your guests without complications! 

Enjoy the process! 

Think back to when you were just dreaming of planning your wedding, and not actually planning it… try to recapture that feeling of blissful excitement and not get caught up in the stress of the to-do list. Invite your girlfriends over for a night of wine tasting and stuffing envelopes. Enlist the help of people who can make the process more fun every step of the way!


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