full range of marketing

Our full-service team at Exigent has the ability to design, print, and deliver your entire collection of marketing collateral. Specializing in both print and digital, working with us ensures consistency across all communications.

marketing collateral

In the past when we thought about marketing materials we primarily thought of print brochures and branded giveaway items. Today, the topic of marketing collateral is much broader! In order to reach the mass of your target audience, Exigent also optimizes your marketing digitally. With the right content being seen, both internally and externally, we ensure that consumers see your brand and your business sees growth.

  • landing pages
  • blog posts
  • white papers
  • corporate brochures
  • cases studies
  • product catalogs
  • newsletters
  • promotional products

membership communications

The Wyndgate Country Club was looking to develop a website that would meet their communications needs for their membership and work as a marketing tool for new members. We were able to develop a dual communications plan to serve both audiences.

internal communications

Developing internal messaging and marketing campaigns are an essential part of your business. Having a strong internal communications strategy in place helps in recruiting, increasing employee engagement, reducing turnover, and building a positive company culture. If you find that your HR team is overburdened, Exigent can assist by launching new initiatives and developing internal communications platforms to streamline your workflow.

  • company handbook
  • onboarding packets
  • recruiting materials
  • signage and displays
  • newsletters
  • internal marketing campaigns
  • posters and banners

corporate communications

Mayco International has a wide range of communications needs ranging from sales and marketing materials to employee newsletters. We have worked with them to develop a consistent style, voice, and tone across all their corporate communications.