06 Oct

Business Card Concepts for Your Favorite TV Characters

Amber Koenigsknecht

Business, Communications, Design


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A business card is a gesture - a gesture of introduction and of intention. Regardless of how easy it is to swap phone numbers, business cards will not be going out of style. Particularly in business - offering your card is a sign of credibility and professionalism. As we know, first impressions are crucial. Putting an effort into the design of your business card not only represents your company - it is representing you.  

Our team was recently inspired to create business cards for some of television’s most popular stars. Whether you’re looking for the city’s best coffee shop or looking for help solving a murder...one of these business cards may help. Click the photo to view it larger. (Full discretion: These are mockups. Please do not try calling the following phone numbers.) 

Gossip Girl Business Card, "Journalist"

What, sending mysterious mass texts doesn’t count as journalism? Gossip Girl may not have been one to personally hand out their contact information, but they definitely have yours, somehow… 

Jughead Jones & Betty Cooper, "Teenage Detective"

“Detective” wasn’t just a childhood dream job for Jughead and Betty - it became their reality. Most high school students can’t find their online homework, let alone a Gargoyle King. 

Rachel Green, "Barista, Stylist, Friend, Mom, Boy Crazy..."

With all of the things that Rachel Green was juggling, we’re impressed she *literally* added coffee to the plate. Would she last a day at Starbucks during rush hour? We can just hear her now, crowded with the baristas behind the counter, ”Pivot! Pivot!” 

Central Perk Business Cards

Marty Bird Business Card, "Financial Advisor"

Marty Bird probably reminds us all of our own dad...smart, good with money, a businessman...with a bounty on his head by the FBI??? Okay, maybe not. “Financial Advisor” isn’t a stretch for his job title - but you could say he’s in deep waters with his company.

With a quick search on Pinterest, it is obvious that beautiful graphic design isn’t discriminating against business cards. Design ideas range from bright and whimsical, to dark and sleek. Brands are littering their aesthetic across all marketing materials. A plain, corporate card may do the job - but will it do the trick? 

Exigent’s team can help you make that first impression, lasting. From the design to the stock of paper you choose - let’s work together!  

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