09 Jul

Benefits of Outsourcing An Agency on Retainer

Amber Koenigsknecht

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We recently talked about the benefits of hiring an agency. When outsourcing, it is vital to your brand’s success to find a partner that works as a seamless extension of your team. Before we compare the project-by-project pricing model versus a retainer model, ask yourself - what do you want out of your partnership?

Communication is key to a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Good communication builds trust, respect and a mutual understanding of your partner’s needs. "That may sound like a line from a dating app, but it truly is important to find that kind of relationship with your business partners".

What is an agency retainer?

You want to get the most out of your money, right? Well, one of the most effective pricing models when outsourcing work is called a retainer. A retainer is a pre-paid contract between agency and client that promises a partnership for a set amount of time or set number of deliverables. Let’s break this down. 

Why wouldn’t I just pay project-by-project?

The project-by-project pricing model can get expensive. Paying by project increases your chance of facing some sticker shock when you’re hiring someone new for every job. It's hard to estimate just how much time and money you’ll be spending - even harder to be sure you’ll be happy with the work once it’s done. Odds are, you want to be constantly growing your business. That sounds like a lot of projects, and very little time to waste. Remember the importance of communication we stressed? Outsourcing project-by-project limits your company’s chance to build that professional relationship - it’s nothing like seeing the same barista at Starbucks every morning! 

Conveniently, the best part of working on retainers is that you’re working with a team who knows your brand. A team that has been there, done that. Expectations are set, turnover is quick, fees and deliverables are straightforward. The retainer model is great for companies that want consistency - both financially and creatively.

Know where your money is going with an agency retainer 

As a pre-paid contract, you are paying the agency up front. Whether this flat-rate is monthly, annually or semiannually is up to your agreement. Working on a retainer is an easy, fixed cost. No sticker shock, here! Your accounting department will thank you for making their budgeting MUCH easier. 

Hiring an agency on retainer gives you more flexibility within your projects. Rather than paying for one project at a time, you can get multiple jobs out of the way. This is where you would establish your deliverables, such as 10 social media posts and 2 blogs per month. This allows you to adapt, and create content that is relevant in the moment. An hourly retainer allows you to choose what projects are the most important to your business. As things change, the agency is able to change alongside you. Maybe you were planning to create a promotional video this quarter, but then you see a greater need for additional internal training materials, having a retainer with a versatile agency allows you to make changes on demand. 

The proof is in the final product

Working with an agency on retainer is a mutually beneficial partnership. A better alternative to off-and-on contracts, a retainer gives stability to both the client and agency. Workflow is streamlined, making communication simple and effective. When the client and agency are on the same page, it shows

Are you tired of constantly hiring freelancers on and off? Are you looking to work with a team that knows your brand and doesn’t need hand holding? If you’re ready to find a long-term business partner, Exigent Creative Solutions offers custom retainer plans that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Get a hold of us today! 

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