03 Jan

2022’s Best Planners You’ll Want for this New Year

Amber Koenigsknecht

Business, Communications



Whatever outlook you have going into the new year, having a planner that speaks to your organizational needs is sure to help you get through. What used to be thought of as only a student’s holy grail is now used and loved across all ages, needs, and professions. Daily planners are efficient in planning meals, noting events and appointments, and even great for journaling and lists. We know that physically writing things down engages your mind and improves your memory. As much as you're banking on Alexa to remind you of your grocery list - you're bound to forget the milk again.

Our team at Exigent Creative is rarely seen without our planners close by. It’s not only therapeutic to start your week with it - it becomes necessary once you get into the habit! As mentioned above, it is first crucial to find a planner that speaks to YOUR organizational needs. In our office alone, each employee has a different schedule, a different life at home, and different priorities each week. Below, we provided our team’s picks - we hope one speaks to you!

A Planner that Keeps it Simple

Are you new to planners and stickers and calendars, oh my!? Have NO fear - Moleskine products are not only stylish but they're straightforward, as well. Our CEO is loyal to Moleskine, and we've seen her go through many notebooks! "Moleskines are my go-to. I love the paper, the pockets, and that they lie flat when open. The planner takes it a step further and gives you a simple 'planner page' with the days of the week and a blank lined page next to it for all your overflow thoughts! It's also small and compact so it fits well in whichever bag I might be using on a given day."

Moleskine's Daily Planner

A Planner for the Busy-Bee

This planner challenges you to plan for even the most unpredictable of schedules...like what you're going to make for dinner. (I know, I know - you haven't even gotten groceries yet!) Jokes aside, this planner means business. If you were looking for an all-in-one lifesaver, look no further than Steph Pase. Keep a handle on your home, health, personal, and financial life...you know, since 2020 made that near impossible.

Sarah Pase's Planner

For the Creatives

Erin Condren may not have been the first pioneer in planners, but she was undoubtedly a trailblazer. The possibilities are quite literally endless with Erin Condren's bestseller, the Life Planner. Fill your planner with inserts, sticky notes, and snap-in lists. And we're all for beauty on the inside and out - create a custom cover with your choice of design, colors, and your name!

Erin Condren's Life Planner

For the Minimalists

Maybe you're thinking, planners are SO old school. We know, with our iPhones providing us with Reminders, Notes, and Calendar apps, you might be wondering why anyone would spend the money on...something PRINTED. *gasp* So, skeptic, this option is for you! Day Designer's planning pages are free to download and print at your pleasure. No bulky-coiled planner required. Day Designer's Printable Planning Pages

No Plans, No Pressure, No Problem

We aren't totally naive to believe that 2021 will go as planned. No amount of stickers or Starburst-colored Sharpies can ensure anything. Still, as businesswomen here at Exigent Creative, we believe in being hopeful and prepared for whatever happens. As much as we'd love to depend on our many desktop and iPhone apps, we know that putting things on paper is just one more cushion of organization worth having. Don't forget to explore the links and find YOUR perfect planner. Happy New Year!

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